How To Leverage Social Media For Hiring

One challenge many businesses are currently facing is the lack of staffing. Companies have had to change hours of operation, assign more work to their current staff, or even shut down because of this issue. While looking for job applicants, countless companies are using recruiters and several job-recruiting websites, but those methods may be outdated for certain industries. There are numerous outlets that businesses could utilize to attract new talent, but one market some aren’t considering is social media. According to Smart Insights, 58% of the world is on social media, making it easily one of the most valuable tools for recruitment.

Companies that don’t use social media platforms to recruit miss out on tons of potential applicants. According to Sprout Social, 92% of employers use social media to hire talent and have found great success in doing so. LinkedIn, Instagram, and Facebook all offer quick and easy ways to promote your job listings and have applicants answer preliminary questions. Employers can use these tools as a way to pre-screen applicants so that they can streamline the process. While each site has its unique benefits, LinkedIn is perhaps the most well-equipped platform for companies to start with when exploring social media recruiting.

LinkedIn makes the process of uploading and advertising job postings very simple. Companies can quickly add open positions to their profile that can be seen by potential applicants. Businesses should be sure to include keywords and LinkedIn Skill Assessments on their postings. When people search for jobs on the platform, those keywords will significantly affect which positions pop up for them. Including LinkedIn Skill Assessments as a necessary step to complete an application will help to narrow down the pool of applicants to only the most qualified. Companies can also pay to boost their job postings so that their postings will appear near the top of the search results and reach a larger audience. While LinkedIn is an excellent platform for finding potential job candidates, it isn’t the only social network that can help fill job positions.

Many companies don’t know that Instagram and Facebook can also be used to help their hiring efforts. Additionally, while some companies will make organic posts announcing open positions, they may not realize that both Facebook and Instagram also offer paid ads geared towards hiring. These campaigns promote businesses’ available jobs and allow them to create questionnaires for the applicants to fill out in order to apply. Then, the ads will generate leads with the candidates’ information and job answers, so qualified applicants can be contacted. By controlling their budget, companies can dictate how large an audience they will reach. Facebook and Instagram can be fantastic tools for employers to reach an audience they normally wouldn’t.

Social media is a powerful tool when trying to reach the masses. Employers should explore using different platforms to hire for their open positions. Once they find the outlet best suited for their company, they can fine-tune their ads and find the perfect candidates for the job. In the midst of the hiring crisis many businesses are facing, social media can be an excellent resource to help companies replenish their workforce.

Author: Jordan Vansiclen
Jordan Vansiclen is our Social Media Strategist/Account Coordinator.

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