Rachel Sheffield

Web Designer

guinea pigs & gaming. color & coding. paddling & hiking. pasta & sushi. big rocks & tall trees.

contact details

919-674-6020 ext. 155

personal mantra

“Never give up, never surrender.” – Jason Nesmith

clients/brands I’ve helped

Independent Auction Group, Cary Economic Development, Team Advantage, Falcon Engineering, OneSource Communications, Marine Fisheries

the weirdest fact I know

Catfish have over 100,000 taste buds all over their body.

for fun

Trying to boop the noses of my pet guinea pigs. Always keeping my hands busy with a drawing pencil or a game controller. Visiting every state or national park I can get to.

how I would explain my job to my mother

I do the work that Dylan doesn’t want to do.

proudest moment

Waking up before noon on a Saturday.


BA in Arts Application – Visual Arts Concentration, N.C. State University
AAS in Web Technologies, Wake Tech Community College